Hello stupid-asses!


saslogo11Welcome to Stupid Ass Stories. Feel free to submit your own stories. Whether they’re made up and dumb or true stories about real life stupidity, it’s up to you. Smart is overrated.


3 Responses to “Hello stupid-asses!”

  1. martin Says:

    NMzuMq hi! its a nice site!

  2. Punchy Pedro Says:

    I beat off to your web page and it feels so good.

  3. Satanic Bitchtits Says:

    One summer I spent a year in Philadelphia. I masturbated excessively and set the camper on fire while watching sports teams scratch their balls. Later my buddy Beefy Tits came over and we had some spaghetti-o’s right out of the can like old hobos and listened to Vincent Lopez records. The end. Have a worse day.

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