My Childhood Games Part 4: “Mealworm Fights”



For a group of heterosexual youngsters, a sleepover was a great way to have some weekend amusement.  And when there was a sleepover at Mike’s place, you can bet there would be mealworm fights.  All participants would stand erect and ceremoniously place their sleeping bags over their fledgling and kittenish bodies.  Then the frolicking would begin.  Blind as Al Pacino in his beloved role as Lieutenant Colonel Frank Slate in Scent of a Woman, we pretend giant romping larvae would wrestle and wriggle ourselves into a silly huff until someone hurt his head on the coffee table or broke one of Marge’s ceramic lamps.  My pals and I would titter all the way to the 24-Hour Emergency Center where Darren would receive stitches in his right butt cheek.  Oh how hopelessly I crave a second youth.


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2 Responses to “My Childhood Games Part 4: “Mealworm Fights””

  1. Dingle Butt Says:

    Glory days, oh glory days of being a kid and nothing could hurt you. We would get bumps and bruises and shrug them off as if nothing happened. Oh how I too miss being a kid.

  2. Ban Everything Says:

    Comrades meal worm fights are way too risky. All risk must be eliminated. Don’t dare to go outside without bubble wrap, helmet, thought cloud condom, knee pads, kevlar vest, reserve pair of clean underwear. Always remember peace and safety.

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