Lemonade Sale


There once a boy who had a great lemonade sale with his friends and sister.  This lemonade sale was not to be outdone by anyone on the block, or in the town for that matter.  All these kids went door to door on this very hot Saturday afternoon, and they were getting all the neighbors to come out and support this local operation on Pratt Court.  The little boy, we’ll call him Joseph, was manning the distribution of the lemonade while the others went to get customers.  Well, Joseph became very thirsty on this hot Saturday, and so he poured himself a cup of yummy lemonade.  Joseph poured his glass of lemonade and proceeded to drink his lemonade until he found his reward– money!  There was glorious change at the bottom of the cup on that fortunate Saturday afternoon, and Joseph went home a happy camper!


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One Response to “Lemonade Sale”

  1. Elvis Hitler Says:

    Comrades bootleg lemonade stands will not be tolerated. Only delicious Kool-Aid will be served by a nice fellow named Jim.

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