How to contribute stories

You too can write stupid ass stories. The intention of this site is to be a smorgasbord of nonsense from whomever feels compelled to post.

How, you ask?

This is basically a blog powered by So, to start, you have to get a username at wordpress (if you don’t already have one). It’s free, and it takes two seconds:

Then, simply reply to this post, and I’ll make you an official Contributor so you can post as many stupid stories as you want! (Your email will not be made public, just your wordpress username).

And now you can post as many stupid stories as you want. Hurray for democracy!


7 Responses to “How to contribute stories”

  1. J Joner Says:

    Hi. I’d like to be a contributor.

  2. princesslia Says:

    I would like to write stupid stories.

  3. BentoBox Says:

    Please, let me contribute to the stupid ass-ness. Thanks.

  4. PJ Pape Says:

    I too would like to contribute.

  5. smartyunderpants Says:

    Hey, I want to contribute to this stupidass idea.

  6. Ass Says:

    I found your blog via Google while searching for Ass and your post regarding How to contribute stories « Stupid Ass Stories looks very interesting for me

  7. kevdogg Says:

    pissing at Wrigley has made it nearly impossible to piss anywhere, without thinking about pissing at Wrigley.

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